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Do you believe in the importance of leisure, play and rest at this time of multiple crises? Do you think our collective devotion to work is misplaced and long for an alternative?

Launching on the 27th October as a weekly 'Huddle', the aim is to create "a peer group experiment in leisure, play and rest as the source of personal and societal transformation."

"Leisure is often reduced to the down-time we must have for the purpose of further work, whereas work is seen as the real point of existence. In this learning journey we will question and challenge that, through doing more of what brings us joy and makes us feel alive. We will discover the potential that lies in a society of more leisure. Together we will prototype ‘the good life’."

Maria has filmed a 2 minute video post on Linked In which you can watch if you click here

To find out more, visit

Re-opening after our annual August summer holidays we're looking forward to returning with a fresh lick of paint...

Over the summer our in-house coffee Dark Peak was awarded the 2023 Great Taste Award, locally roasted in Sheffield by Smith Street Coffee

From 12:00 til sell-out every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we'll host a different independent street food trader serving lunches in the pop-up cafe;

If you or someone you know can cook delicious food and would like to try offering a pop-up lunch menu in Sheffield city centre, we can provide support & guidance whilst paying traders their financial takings at the end of each day.

For more info you can email me via or schedule the best time for a telephone call by completing this short form here.

Updated: Aug 14

In August we'll be joining The Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust for a Tour of the Megatron...

19 tickets are available for co-workers, split between either Sat 19th August at 2pm or Sat 26th August at 4pm. If you're a Union St member and you'd like to join, you can register your ticket here;

  • Saturday 19th August at 2pm click here (sold out)

  • Saturday 26th August at 4pm click here (sold out)

Once you've registered a ticket, you'll then receive an invoice within 7 days to pay the standard fee of £25, with 100% of the ticket price going to the Rivers Trust. We'll meet-up and finish at Triple Point Brewery.

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