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Tuesday 15th November: Vegetarian & Vegan Street Food by Icarus & Apollo

Wednesday 16th November: Vietnamese Cuisine by Mong Ta with menu here

Thursday 17th November: Vegetarian & Vegan Street Food by Icarus & Apollo

Tuesday 22nd November: Icarus & Apollo with their menu here

Wednesday 23rd November: Ammi's Kitchen serving a Nepalese Menu: Aloo Banda (Potatoe and Cabbage Curry) with Dill Daal (Uraad Daal with fresh Dill), Rice and Tomato Chutney

Thursday 24th November: Vietnamese Cuisine by Mong Ta

Thursday 27th October: Icarus & Apollo with their menu here

Tuesday 1st November: Icarus & Apollo with a Middle Eastern theme, menu to be uploaded shortly

Wednesday 2nd November: Ammis Kitchen serving an authentic curry from a different region of the world at each pop-up, menu to be uploaded shortly

Thursday 3rd November: Icarus & Apollo featuring a choice of two curries plus gourmet toastie

Tuesday 8th November: Icarus & Apollo serving vegetarian and vegan street food with global inspiration

Wednesday 9th November: Chef Raheel Murza serving samosa chaat

Thursday 10th November: Vietnamese by Mong Ta with delicious Vietnamese cuisine

We've got some tasty food this week that I wanted to share with you, plus a couple of upcoming dates for your calendar...

Tuesday 11th Oct

Whilst Icarus & Apollo were booked for Jury Service, today we have a debut pop-up serving authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine from Gowri's Kitchen with the menu here;

  • Devilled Paneer Curry, and/or

  • Potato and Chickpeas Curry with

  • Onion Sambol (pickle)

  • Beetroot Sambol (pickle), with

  • Rasam (South Indian Tomato Soup) and/or

  • Payaasam/Vermicelli Kheer (South Indian Pudding)

Wednesday 12th Oct

Chef Raheel Mirza is back for his fortnightly Wednesday lunchtime pop-up with his menu here;

  • Samosa Chaat regular - £6

  • Mixed Chaat regular - £7

  • Samosa Chaat large - £7.5

  • Mixed chaat large - £8.50

Thursday 13th Oct

Delicious Vietnamese cuisine by Mong Ta serving steamed rice topped with homemade slaw, scallion oil, fresh herbs & pickles, crushed peanuts and a flavoursome side dressing, with an option of;

  • Vegan Chilli Glazed Roasted Aubergine

  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

  • Caramelised Pork Belly

Life Drawing

The next evening session is Thursday 27th October with month's theme inspired by Pierrette Clowns and a costume full of striking contrasts and poses which will be theatrical and vibrant, with more info and tickets via the brilliant Endless Love Creative here

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