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Summer Opening

We're pausing the cafe during August to re-open 1st September, with some new additions to our line-up...

We'll have a new pop-up from a Pakistani street food brand who's recently appeared on the Masterchef TV programme, in the co-working space I'm working on a new co-operative handbook and a new shared lunch on Fridays hosted by Ben, and in the event space we'll be launching a new creative networking event called Meet, Make, Mess.

For co-workers, this week we have Tuesday lunch hosted by Ben and Freelancers Lunch on Wednesday hosted by Heather, plus Doss Break on Wednesday hosted by Hilary and Cake on Thursday hosted by Hannah.

I'll be working remotely during August to catch-up on all of my outstanding 'to do' items, clearing the decks ready for new ideas in September, so I'll see you soon (from Matt ) x

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