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This week's lunchtime discussion called "Have I Got Views for You" focussed on a chat about members' recommended podcasts which we thought would be nice to share, with a brief description of each.

1. Podcast Radio Hour, BBC Radio 4 - A showcase of the best podcasts from the UK and around the world.

2. StartUp Podcast, Gimlet Media - A series about what it's like to start a business.

3. Reply All, Gimlet Media - A podcast about the internet and how it shapes our lives.

4. Griefcast, Cariad Lloyd - Conversations about grief and loss with comedians and celebrities.

5. Radiolab, WNYC Studios - A podcast exploring science, philosophy, and human experience.

7. Joe Frank, Joe Frank (independent) - A series of audio collages combining storytelling, interviews, and music.

8. Period Power, Maisie Hill - Conversations about menstruation, hormones, and women's health.

9. The Spark, BBC Sounds - Stories about people who have made a positive change in their lives.

10. Ideas for Fixing the World, RSA Events - Discussions on how to tackle global challenges and create a better future.