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By Matt

Freelancing certainly has its benefits; you can work from home when a new washing machine is being delivered, start work late when you’ve had a late night and decide exactly when you’re going to do that task you’ve been putting off for ages. The downside is you are your own boss, and sometimes you make for the harshest boss of all, forcing yourself to work late into the night instead of taking a well-deserved break.

When all the hours in the day could be working hours, achieving good work life balance becomes harder than ever. This is something founder of Organise Chaos, Rachel Ferla, is familiar with: “As a freelancer or entrepreneur, managing our time well makes all the difference in work life balance. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘time management’ is misleading as it leads us to look at how long we spend sitting at the desk and makes us think we need to work nine hour days, rather than looking at the importance of the tasks we do and making sure we do the right ones.”

Rachel has selected the top three tools that help her day-to-day.

Lots of us keep a to-do list and I’m a big fan of Todoist for keeping mine handy at all times. Have you ever thought about keeping a 10 year goals list in there and referring back to it when you are feeling extra busy? When you need to pare back a bit on your commitments having that list as a north star will guide you forward.

Google Chrome
I use Google Chrome every day. This might seem like a surprising top choice but having your browser set up properly is often taken for granted and overlooked. I use groups of bookmarks and a few choice extensions (such as Todoist, Pocket and Lastpass), and I sign into the browser itself so everything syncs and I am instantly set up to do whatever task is on the agenda.

Wave offers award winning small business finance software completely free. It is a fantastic way of producing professional looking invoices and keeping track of the pennies, so we can stay on course financially.

Rachel Ferla’s workshops begin Tuesday 9 January with Get Your Shit Together in 2018, 10:30am-12:30pm at Union St.

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Top Tools for Work Life Balance