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Every Friday, Fran is at Union St dishing out fresh and organic veg boxes from Regather. She explains why locally-sourced veg is the best.

Q. Why get a veg box?
It’s actually much easier than supermarket shopping! You tell us what you don’t like and then we source the produce for your box, prioritising what’s available locally. The organic produce is fresh and can include unusual beauties like purple carrots, uchiki kuri squashes and heritage apple varieties,

Q. What can I expect to find in my veg box?
The fruit and veg is always organic and sourced as locally as possible. You can also add organic milk, eggs, fresh bread from Forge Bakehouse, craft beers from the Regather Brewery and seasonal extras like Heeley City Farm Honey, Twin Cafe Coffee, Birdhouse Tea or Tower of Bagel bagels.

Q. Where do you source veg from?
We prioritise local farmers and source most produce from Sheffield’s organic farmers at Wortley Hall Walled Garden, High Riggs in Stannington and Sheffield Organic Growers. Their produce is so fresh – it’s either picked the day before or on the day we deliver your box!

Q. Why is it important to source veg locally?
Buying local means supporting local farmers and producers. It means being able to visit the people and places that grow the food you eat. It means understanding the seasons and eating what is best throughout the year. We hope this helps you feel a greater connection with the food you’re eating and the people and places that grow it.

Q. What would you advise if someone wanted to start growing their own produce?
Grow the veg at home that perishes quickly and costs a lot from the shops. Right now, sow some tasty salads on the windowsill – I’d suggest red mizuna, rocket and giant red mustard. Jerusalem Artichokes will be available soon, buy some organic ones and dig them in to a bed. Next year they will grow profusely and flower with beautiful heads like small sunflowers very late in the season. They are so easy to grow. Dig them up in December and enjoy them roasted.

Q. Can I get Christmas veg?
Yes. This year our Christmas deliveries are Thursday 21 and Friday 22 December. We will include all the best Christmas fruit and veg like whole stems of sprouts, delicious Tunisian dates and sweet clementines. You can also add great locally made extras as Christmas treats.

Q. Why did you want to work with Union St?
We want people in the city centre to be able to buy produce that supports local farmers and producers, is fresh and healthy, isn’t over packaged and is really tasty.

To sign up, visit Fran at Union St, Fridays, 11:00am-3:00pm. Or book online at www.regather.net/box. Decide what produce you want, whether you want your box delivered to your home or if you can collect from Regather or Union St.

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5 Minutes with… Fran Humphries of Regather